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"Quality Is Never An Accident; It Is Always The Result Of High Intention,
Sincere Effort, Intelligent Direction And Skillful Execution; It Represents
The Wise Choice Of Many Alternatives...”

Domestic & General Property Support Services  Dublin is a long established & much-respected facilities services company. We’ve built a “Good & Honest Reputation” over these past 30 years servicing the Dublin Residential & Property Management Sector. However, over the last 5 years, we have mindfully grown our business and aggressively targeted the commercial sector with great success, both professionally and competitively.

We attribute a huge portion of our success to our friendly & professional approach to business but also, to our relentless dedication to provide a “ONE STOP SHOP” Property Support Service that continuously thinks outside the box & delivers innovative solutions tailor-made to your precise commercial or residential property needs? 

D&G don’t just solve your property maintenance problems ye know; “We Do It In Style & With a DG Smile!” Ultimately, we are a service provider and our sole purpose (our very existence depends on it) is to provide a “first class” service that makes our clients happy & proud and we’d like to do exactly the same for YOU?

 We Listen, We Learn, We Serve, You Benefit… That’s How We Work!

We truly know how to make our clients happy because we keep our services super simple, competitively priced and we listen intently to what our clients have to say, need & want? D&G Dublin provide peace of mind by working diligently & with a sense of purpose & we always address our clients questions prior, during & after implementing any Bespoke Property Support Solution.

Our Level of Support is Different Class and for the simple truth; Domestic & General have and will always go that extra mile to provide a courteous, fast and cost-efficient service to both our residential & commercial clients. We run a very transparent service here and consistently engage and communicate with our clients and totally value their honest feedback. No matter how good, bad or indifferent; it’s that kind of honest feedback that keeps us on our toes, helps us to constantly improve & better serve you.

Do you know what our clients value most about our service?

“Peace of Mind & Time Freedom...”

Peace of mind in the quality of our work & time freedom (TIME SAVED) is what our clients truly valued most about our services!

The bottom line is that our clients want to spend more time doing the things that they want to do. Like; spend more time with their family. Create more time to focus on their work. Leverage more time to run their business, manage their clients; go to the gym or do whatever! You’re probably here for one of those same reasons, right?


Unfortunately, Domestic & General cannot stop the hands of time! However, we do help our clients create more time & freedom in their lives by simply leveraging and outsourcing the property support tasks that they either “Do Not Want To Do (Have The Time To Do) or The Skillset To Accomplish That Touch of Class“.

And That’s Where We Come In…

D&G take the strain out of property support from day one. We simplify the whole process and provide a bespoke solution tailor-made to our clients needs. Essentially (and with 30 years of in the trenches; hands-on experience) we create an abundance of time freedom & peace of mind for our client’s by simply taking care of The Jobs They Love to Hate… Truth!

(Before & After) Examples Of Our Recent Work:

"We Make Our Client Look Good Whilst; Making Their Life

From Grounds Maintenance to Building Maintenance to Furnishings & Flooring, we’re well equipped to provide a high level of very specific property support, right across the board.  And, as you’d probably expect from a company with such longevity; we have assembled one hell of a team over these past 30 Years and become somewhat skilled at what we do… The quality of our work is nothing short of first class (toot toot:-)

Providing a “First Class” Service and saving our clients a considerable amount of time, frustration and money is quite simply a by-product of what we do. What gets us all hot and sweaty under the collar are real results. We take pride in our clients complete satisfaction and we are never completely satisfied until our clients achieve ”total peace of mind” status. Now that’s a real result!

Should you require any of our services or own or manage a business or property then we’ve got the perfect “ONE STOP SHOP SOLUTION”. We’ll provide the right level of support to suit your demand and needs. Irrespective of your property support requirement, Domestic & General has truly got you covered on all fronts.

We’ve Got the Best-Qualified Personnel on the Planet. We use the very best & latest innovative technology. We provide the very best quality of service. We’ve got the best clients in the world. Our prices are pleasantly “eye-popping “sharp and yet the only client we are missing right now is YOU! (tut tut:-)

Please Do Check Out Our Property Support Services Listed Below. You may also want to investigate a little further down this page and take a look at “What Our Clients Have To Say About Us”. We hope this additional information helps you in making a more informed decision about Domestic & General Property Support Services and most importantly, how we can better help & support you?

Dublin Property Support Services Tailor-Made To Suit Your Needs:

Building Maintenance
Your "One Stop Shop" for all your building maintenance needs including plumbing, electrical, painting, glass replacement, doors, windows, locksmith, roofing, tiling, steel fabrication, drainage and general maintenance.
Learn More
Grounds Maintenance
Professional Grounds Maintenance - Managed and overseen by a dedicated and qualified grounds maintenance manager. Our staff are uniformed and approach all developments with safety as paramount.
Learn More
Painting & Decorating
Professional teams of painters - Fully trained and insured to provide an excellent, professional service to all industries and businesses.
Learn More
Furnishings & Flooring
Total client satisfaction is our goal, professional workmanship is guaranteed irrespective of the size of the project. We have an experienced team of professional tradesmen, dedicated to delivering extremely high quality work.
Learn More
Commercial Cleaning
This service has been built up over the years through dedicated effort, diligent supervision and recommendations by our impressive portfolio of property management clients
Learn More
Office Cleaning
Our office cleaning service is carried out on either a daily or weekly service with flexible arrangements to cater for all of our clients cleaning needs.
Learn More
Graffiti Removal
We use various methods from penetration high pressure hot and cold blasting to specialised abrasive water jetting for graffiti removal. Specific chemicals are utilised for each individual graffiti job.
Learn More
Janitorial Caretaker & Concierge
Specifically trained personnel to supervise and oversee your property’s cleaning and maintenance on a fulltime daily basis. We provided insured, uniformed staff who understand the importance of image and the aesthetics of your property.
Learn More
Signs and Installation
Whether you require a once-off sign, or a suite of signs? We're here to assist you every step of the way. Our fast turnaround service, design service and our commitment to excellent customer service, ensure you'll be 100% satisfiisfaction guaranteed.
Learn More
Power Washing
We use a 3500psi machine especially purchased from the USA enabling us to remove years of weathering, pollution, algae, moss, weeds, slime and graffiti in minutes!
Learn More
Window Cleaning
Domestic & General have the capacity to clean windows in any premises of any height using the “Reach & Wash Pole Fed System”. Your windows and window frames are cleaned with pure water!
Learn More
Janitorial Supplies & Washroom Services
Working with our network of suppliers, we manage the supply of janitorial supplies and washroom services to client sites, ensuring that we only use high quality, cost effective products at all times.
Learn More
Residential Cleaning
"A New Generation Of House Cleaning Services That Takes On House Maintenance In A Systematic, Organised Routine; Setting Impeccably High Standards In Quality, Value & Peace Of Mind…”
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Prime Example Of Our Dublin Property Support Services
Grounds Maintenance:

Domestic & General maintain a very strong and proactive relationship with our clients, continuously evolving with their growing needs. We totally understanding the value of our clients time and need for peace of mind. That’s What Gives Us Our Leading Edge!

With 30 Years Experience In The Local Business Community we’ve built a very strong reputation for providing “first class” property support services at very competitive prices. We understand the importance of your commitment to the presentation of your development, surroundings or business and we would greatly welcome the opportunity to be part of that commitment. 

Here's What Our Clients Have To Say About Us:

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