Domestic & General – Janitorial/Caretaker – Painting Fernleigh/Anfield 2019-06-03T23:06:51+00:00

Recent Work - Janitorial/Caretaker - Painting Fernleigh/Anfield

Metal Railings Painted – We started this project a few months back and have since been making significant progress to both the overall cleanliness & aesthetics to this development.  Albeit that we have a full time caretaker on site, the difference between Domestic & General and our competition, is that our staff are fully trained to offer a more diverse, flexible & spontaneous approach to maintenance & Janitorial duties overall.

On this site, our caretaker not only carries out his janitorial duties but also has the skill set to complete other maintenance tasks. The caretaker on this occasion received specific painting instructions from our Building Maintenance Department and then carried out the painting task to a tee.  We take great pride in our professionalism, flexibility and our continued quest to provide the very best property support services (& staff) that Dublin has to offer.

Domestic & General offer a wide range of property support services but the key to our longevity is that all of our department’s work in synergy & our staff are fully trained. Our objective is to provide a first class service and above all, make our clients extremely happy. To quote our client on this project; He said, “the place looks amazing.” Result!

Anca - Janitorial/Caretaker & Concierge

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