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Building Maintenance - Co-Ordination Department

In every organisation, different types of work are performed by various departments and work groups and no single department or work group on its own can be expected to achieve the goals of the organisation as a whole. Hence, it becomes essential that the activities of different departments and work groups of the organisation are harmonised. 

Our job tracking system “Krow” ensures unity of action among individuals, work groups and departments, and brings harmony in carrying out the different activities and tasks so as to achieve the organisational goals efficiently. The concept of coordinating applies to single and group efforts and the process of organising people or groups so that they work together properly and well. This allows us to manage the work flow.

In other words, coordinating function is the orderly arrangement of individual and group efforts to provide unity of action in the pursuit of a common goal. In an organisation, all the departments must operate in an integrated manner so that the organisational goals are duly achieved. Coordinating function involves synchronisation of different efforts of the various departments so that the planned objectives are achieved.

The “Krow” job tracking system allows us to manage the work flow efficiently and remove all the stress of managing multiple jobs for property managers/landlords/clients
On larger projects the “Krow” system allows us to monitor and manage work schedules in an efficient and timely manner. Large projects may also lead to issues with communication, work flow and real-time updates for our clients. Hence our co-ordination department alleviates this for our clients.

Co-Ordination Department

"My role is to help you by implementing administrative systems, procedures, policies and monitoring projects. I Provide information by answering questions, requests, setting priorities and resolving problems; providing continuing feedback and real-time updates".
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