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"The Next Generation Of Apartment Block Cleaning Services That Takes On Common Area Cleaning In A Systematic, Organised Routine; Setting Impeccably High Standards In Quality, Value & Total Peace Of Mind…”

See Your Reflection In Our Perfection – Peace Of Mind Is Our Standard Guarantee!

Even in a city where excellence is expected, Dublin’s Domestic & General Property Support Services has built a platinum-standard reputation for fine residential and commercial apartment block cleaning, thanks to our unparalleled service and reliability.

For more than three decades, Dublin’s leading property management companies have trusted us to ensure their residential and commercial apartment blocks look their very best.

D&G Dublin excels in every department—from the quality of our work and personnel to customer service. Our team features dedicated, trained professionals who are meticulous in their approach, from every day block cleaning to comprehensive deep cleaning, Domestic & General is in a league of its own!

Our company offers complete apartment block cleaning services located in the greater Dublin area. If you are a building owner or property manager, our trained staff can tailor a cleaning program to suit your apartment building’s budget and needs. 

Do you need the lobby vacuumed daily or elevators and stairwells cleaned weekly, every other week, monthly or one-time? We are your single point of contact for all apartment building cleaning and maintenance needs.

With a proper maintenance program in place and regular care, yours or your client’s building’s common areas will stay in good shape for years to come. And that’s good not only for the sake of appearances but for the health & safety of your residents as well.

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“Your Reputation Means Everything…”

Domestic & General truly believe that “Your Company Reputation is Your Most Valuable Commodity in Business”. It is for that very reason “we do what we do” and provide an invaluable “top class” apartment block cleaning service.

Our quality of service is second to none and very much reflected in the high quality and professionalism of our staff. We look after our staff and their welfare so that they can, in turn, look after you! Business is a two-way street and we practice what we preach – We build “long & lasting” business relationships and we’d like very much to do exactly the same with you?


Our Staff are PERSONABLE


Our Staff can use their INITIATIVE

Our Staff can be TRUSTED

Our response rate is FIRST CLASS

Our staff are always SUPERVISED 

And you get a direct point of contact! 

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“Your Property Has The Right To Be Cleaned – Immaculately!”

Apartment buildings hire us to perform a variety of services.  The two most common services we provide to apartment buildings are common area cleaning and bin/recycling services.  Our dazzling common area cleaning services are essential to keeping public spaces clean and include: lobby/foyer/vestibules, laundry rooms, fitness centres, hallways, rooftops/decks/terraces, stairwells, elevators, pathways, backyards, and more.  

Our sustainable services are important for any mindful building owners and comprise: collecting rubbish and recycling from building common areas, sorting recycling, bagging recycling, breaking down cardboard boxes, bundling or bagging cardboard, removing all bags to the curb or designated bin area.
With over 30 years of hands-on experience and success; Domestic & General Property Support Services are undoubtedly the real deal and the very best of what Dublin has to offer. Our Apartment Block Cleaning Services far exceeds the cost of our service. We’re talking total piece of mind and at a price that is… Let’s say… “Incredible Value”

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