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“Quality Is Never An Accident; It Is Always The Result Of High Intention, Sincere Effort, Intelligent Direction And Skillful Execution; It Represents The Wise Choice Of Many Alternatives...”

Our Mission

To provide exceptional value to our clients and deliver innovative bespoke service solutions to both domestic and commercial residents across Dublin & surrounding areas and to do so, in a safe, professional and cost efficient manner.

“We take the strain out of property support. We simplify the whole process and provide a bespoke solution tailor-made to our clients needs & commitments”. 


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About Us

Domestic & General Property Support Services is a long established & much respected facilities services company. We have built a Good & Honest Reputationover these past 30 years servicing the Dublin Residential & Property Management Sector. However, over the last 5 years, we have mindfully grown our business and aggressively targeted the commercial sector with great success, both professionally and competitively.

“It’s Our Diversity – Our Flexibility – Our Innovation & Problem Solving Ability That Truly Give Us Our Leading Edge…” 

At Domestic & General, we all come to work every day because we want to solve some of Dublin’s Biggest Property Support Problems facing our local business & residential communities.

Property support by its very nature requires more than just one tool, one trade, one task to get the job done efficiently and it certainly involves solving more than just one problem all year round. For most residential & commercial property owners it’s always an on-going challenge to either carry out the tasks themselves or outsource to the right professional trade?

And so, the Dublin residential & commercial property sector has a simple choice to make when it comes to the aesthetics and up keep of their business or property?

They can either DIY it? And, to those qualified individuals that have the time and skill set to accomplish said all year round property support tasks; Our hat’s off to you… You should come work with us!

Or, for the remaining 99.99% of the Dublin residential and commercial property sector they need to outsource the work (all rear round) and have it done for them – professionally.

And that’s where we can help and our expertise kicks in!

You see, D&G’s role in the community is to take the sting out of property support and help both residential and commercial property owners protect and maintain their property with a cost-efficient one-stop shop property support service.

Now it’s very important for us to point out that we do not use the term “ONE STOP SHOP” loosely. Because, to piece together a genuine & seamless one-stop shop property support service requires meticulous planning, years of knowledge and expertise and hundreds of qualified trades and technicians to implement.

It took us 25 years to master & complete our one-stop shop offering. We opened up our furnishings and flooring section for fit outs to commercial new builds some 5 years ago at the request of a number of our clients. This really was the final piece of the jigsaw in our vision to achieve a “ONE STOP SHOP” Company that can service all of our client’s property maintenance needs in any industry, no matter what their service requirements.

It’s fair to say that over the years; we have worked with an array of many different companies, different clients and from as many different industries as you can probably shake a stick at!

Each company, each client, each industry has their own daily commitments, practices & procedures and because of that; we’ve had to continuously innovate and evolve our services to work synergistically around all of our client’s needs in what can only be considered, as an ever changing & fast paced world of health & safety & technology.

It’s because of our client’s diversity and their ever growing service needs that has allowed D&G to grow with them and become an innovative market leader, specialising in flexible property support services that really make a distinct & positive impact in the lives of our clients and businesses.

Essentially, We Are A Solution Povider and we absolutely thrive on thinking outside of the box, solving problems & providing bespoke property support solutions tailor made to the “modern day” needs & challenges of our diverse and wonderful scope of clients.

That’s what gives us our leading edge.“Domestic & General truly believe there is no property support issue or problem that we cannot solve. 30 years has taught us an awful lot but our secret source is that we’ll never stop learning, we’ll never stop innovating and we’ll never stop putting our clients first”.

The key to our longevity is that we keep it real.  We keep it simple. We keep it honest. We keep listening, we keep serving and we constantly keep striving for excellence.

We’ve assembled the perfect combination of a creative & happy workforce, innovative technology, 30 years of “in the trenches experience” and the right attitude & honest application to provide our clients with the very best one-stop shop property support service Dublin has to offer.  

Year in year out, we keep bringing it to the table, reinventing the wheel and pushing the boundaries of our creativity & expertise. We’re always simplifying yet enhancing our property support services so that we can better serve and impact the lives of our clients.  Our end goal is to provide our clients with total peace of mind!

We’ve come a long way over these past 30 years and we are ever so proud to have worked with some of the most prestigious companies in the world today (and right here in our beloved Dublin City it must be said!).  But, what really sets us apart for our competitors is our intent and ability to do exactly what we say and provide a flexible first class service to both residential and commercial clients, no matter who they are, what they are or how big or small their service budget.

To us, we treat every last one of our clients with the same high level of professionalism, courtesy and respect. No job is ever too big or too small because we are always appreciative of new business (as are our skilled and dedicated workforces).

For sure, we love winning business but we love retaining our clients even more. We never take business for granted because we know we need to be continuously on our toes, on top of our game and providing a one-stop shop quality service that our clients (and potential clients alike) absolutely love! The only way we can achieve that is to keep innovating and providing a first class service that is a cut above the rest.

It’s because of those principles and our high level of professionalism that we manage to maintain such great working relationships with our clients and continue to retain their business & trust. Month in…month out… year in and year out!

To Give You a Prime Example:

We are very proud to have retained the cleaning & janitorial services & supplies to Facebook (Dublin) for the 5th year on the trot! We have secured the entire soft services contract to Facebook, beating off all the larger facilities companies and running a number of vendors through our company.

We’ve also secured Airbnb and their Dublin offices since 2015 and recently secured the contract to supply all services and supplies to Pure Storage and Fitbit. These prestigious multinational companies have chosen to award, expand and retain our company’s services (as have many other commercial & residential companies) Because We Are Good At What We Do!

With 30 Years’ Experience in the Local Business Community we’ve built a very strong reputation for providing “first class” property support services at very competitive prices. We understand the importance of your commitment to the presentation of your development, surroundings or business and we would greatly welcome the opportunity to be part of that commitment. 

Should you have any further questions or wish to speak with a friendly member of our staff. Please contact us via our information below or click the contact us tab on the top RHS of this page. We thank you for your time and appreciate your visit to our website